While trying to figure out what to paint I thought about the things I like most. I’m obsessed with cuteoverload.com among other things. So I thought, why not paint cute animal butts? This was the first in the series and is simply titled “Rabbit Butt” featuring the rear-end of a purple rabbit with orange carrots jutting up around him.

The painting is a bit large, at 22? x 28? and was done in acrylics. I really enjoy working on textures like the fur. This one was fun to work on and the carrots add a strange tone to the painting.

I also love bright colors and simple color schemes. This one uses a triad color scheme: purple, green and orange.

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One thought on “Rabbit Butt”

  1. love all your art work. If Ray were still with us he’d probably be wanting to see a mermaids butt.SETE