The Abstract Octopuses Series

During the pandemic I found myself completely drained at the end of a day full of Zoom meetings. I couldn’t even hang out with my husband. Instead, I sat in my cold and foggy backyard “painting” on my iPad.

I wasn’t painting anything particular, I was just doodling with the paint. It felt so freeing to not worry about the accuracy of anything.

I decided to apply this same strategy to an octopus painting: painting it without trying to make an actual octopus.

It felt glorious to not worry about the accurate police knocking down my door. As I painted each piece, I was excited to try something different with the next one. You can see how they progress from #01 to #08 and finally to the large sextet.

Later I created another small set in shades of blue and orange, leaning more into the patterned suckers.

You can collect the originals and prints on Etsy.