No.90 Pudding Deline

No. 90 pudding deline

Last night I dreamt that Orion and Rebecca were having a party. As we all hung out and had a good time there was a small pink creature walking around, about the size of a 30 lb dog (a little smaller than Joe and Lana). Then I saw Rebecca reach down and grab a chunk of cake off the creature’s back. I suddenly realized that it was a pudding deline – an animal that naturally produces cake. As you eat the cake, more grows in. This particular deline was yellow cake flavored with pink icing and sprinkles. I asked Rebecca if she was just borrowing it from someone but she said “no, it’s ours!” And I was so surprised and happy that they finally got a pet, especially a cake pet. It suddenly made sense why the animal was so obsessed with reaching around to its own back and licking or eating – because it was full of cake!

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