Daily Doodles

In January 2015 I decided to start drawing a doodle per day, but to make it more interesting I asked people to give me topic suggestions. Each day I choose one of the topics to draw and I try to keep them quick, under an hour or so. They are simple pencil and ink drawings colored with markers and pencils, most are around 7" x 7" or smaller.

I post the finished drawings to PatreonInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and here. The original drawings plus a limited run of 10 prints are for sale on online and some of the doodles are available on t-shirts, mugs and greeting cards - requests welcome!

I have a long list of suggestions now and am still looking for more - add your suggestions here. My goal is to do this for an entire year, but if I keep getting suggestions and support I won't stop!

Once I have 365 days worth of doodles I'd like to show them all in a gallery in San Francisco.

Update: as I write this the date is September 13, 2017. I clearly have not done all 365 doodles yet. I'm making a strong effort now to finish this project. Give me a shout out so I know you're enjoying the drawings!